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Why Do You Choose Poland For Study?

Students have always been looking for some golden opportunities to make their education up to the global standards. For that reason, most of the students search for studying opportunities out of their original country in search of quality education.

Many of the students desire to study in Europe as the region has some of the best educational facilities in the world if one wishes to study abroad. However, these facilities come with a high expense but worry not because this is where Poland takes a good turn.

So, the question is: why study in Poland? Stay tuned for the answer.

Incredibly Affordable Tuition Fees

Poland comes with a highly affordable tuition fee rate for students with an average of 2500 to 3500 USD per year on graduate and post-graduate levels, internships, and apprenticeships. Not only that, but Universities in Poland also offer student accommodation to all their international students.

Moreover, if you want to rent a personal apartment for yourself while you decide to study in Poland, you will get a lot of options. These range from on-campus rooms, rental apartments to rooms, and dorms. You can either live alone or share with some other students with bills split into halves.

High-Quality Education

You will think that this highly affordable pricing might affect the quality of the education the country has to offer to international students. But you will be surprised to know that the universities in Poland adhere to the set standard of Bologna studies that are shaped to providing the best quality education to students studying in Europe.

Also, this accreditation makes the degree you earn recognized on an international scale. So, if you are concerned about getting a job anywhere in the world with a Polish degree in hand, you need to stress less and focus more on the wonderful opportunities the country has to offer.


Talking of opportunities, Polish universities also offer scholarships for international students. These include scholarships from the Polish Partners and the Sending Partner as well as the Higher Education Authority in the country. This will give you an edge over others while you are applying for a job while also saving your money.

Flexible Education System

The semester duration is about four to five months that give you a reasonable time to balance your studies and extra-curricular activities. During the examination period, you will need to get enough credit score to pass a semester. However, if, for some reason, you cannot take your exams, you can always go for essay submissions and curricular activities to fill your credit score.

Friendly Country With Multicultural Activities

The atmosphere in all Polish universities is quite warm and welcoming. You will get to see a lot of cultural variation that will keep your stay in the country delightful and interesting. As you take your full stationery classes during the week, you will be asked to take part in many interesting cultural activities as well that will expand your knowledge and boost your confidence.

Added Advantages

Study in Poland for international students has many perks. You can also go sight-seeing and get to experience the wonderful heritage of Poland through art museums and theatrical exhibitions in different cities. The transportation services are quite cheap and well-suited for students who are not a part of the country. You can enjoy the natural scenes in the country as you visit different places in the city you’re living in.

With all these amazing opportunities and facilities, it is safe to stay that study in Poland is worth the game if you want to have quality education abroad.


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