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Why Poland Is The Best Country For Higher Studies?

Study in Poland is an amazing opportunity for all international students for multiple reasons. With a recent upsurge in the expenditures in other European countries in their education sector, along with strict visa policies, Poland provides a quite friendlier approach to all students wanting to study abroad. The students get an internationally recognized degree in addition to scholarships and internship opportunities.

Let’s see some of the benefits that make Poland universities one of the best universities to study in if you wish to study abroad.


Poland offers a highly affordable tuition fee for students who want to study in Europe. If you do a bit of research, you will note that universities in England and other European countries in the EU have a lot of stressing load of tuition fees over the student.

Moreover, you will need to have a lot of backup money in your account for your bank statement if you want to get an admission slot in these universities. The Government of Poland realizes the fact that quality education is the right for its national and international students alike. Thus, higher education prices are quite affordable, such as an average of 2500 USD per year for long cycle studies, which is way lower than in other European countries.

For the post-doctoral and doctorate level programs that comprise of scientific, post-doctoral, medical internships, and art internships at the post-graduate level. The fees for these programs start at around 3350 USD annually.

Friendly Environment and Visa Policy

Many countries, including the US and EU countries, have strict student visa policies. Many students on getting an international scholarship still fail to acquire higher education in their choice of international universities. It is because the corresponding country does not offer friendly visa opportunities to international students.

Poland, on the other hand, has a very friendly visa policy, and the whole application process is quite simple and straightforward. So, students do not get confused while applying for their respective programs in Polish universities. Moreover, the environment is highly welcoming, so the students easily get adapted to their new academic setting.

Quality Education

Study in Poland for international students is one of the best choices for those who want to hone their skills and expand their knowledge in a quality environment. The academic curriculum of all Polish universities is in accordance with the Bologna education quality system, and therefore, it is recognized on a global level.

Moreover, the students also get to learn the Polish language for their ease while learning courses in the native language. Your credit hours ought to be filled through course work, curricular activities, cultural activities, and essay submissions. This education system is incredibly well-balanced and is accommodating of the students’ needs.

There are many different sets of schemes designated, especially for graduate, master’s, and post-graduate degree programs in Poland universities.

Final Words

So, now you know why Poland is best country for higher studies. Study in Poland is a wonderful opportunity for those students who want to acquire quality education abroad without emptying their savings. With the degrees being internationally recognized and the environment being highly friendly and welcoming for the students, Poland universities are one of the top destinations for higher academic studies.

You can apply for different programs and courses, internships, apprenticeships, post-doctoral degrees, and master’s degrees without experiencing the strict visa policies and fearing rejection at the end.

No wonder, Study in Poland 2020 has truly become a good chance to avail for all international students looking for top education in their higher academic setting.


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