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Study Poland: A Complete Guide for International Students

For a lot of students, the expenditure to study abroad can be a point of concern considering the hostel accommodation, tuition, transportation, and other expenditure. This is where Poland comes with an exception.

Following the Bologna study standards in university academia, Polish universities are relatively quite reasonably affordable. Therefore, study in Poland for international students is recommended by experts.

Want to know how? Keep on reading if you wish to know the answer.

Tuition Fees And Scholarships

The average tuition fees annually for the universities are 1700 EUR. Despite the blooming economic status of the country, Poland has kept the tuition fees for a maximum of its universities relatively lower than the rest in Europe.

The effort is to promote growth in the Polish Education sector and to increase opportunities for students globally. As an international student, you can avail scholarships in different categories awarded by the higher education institutes, Polish partner, or your origin country/institute.

Degree Division

Both public and private universities in Poland offer three main types of degrees to their students that include Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, and doctorate degrees. If you are an international student, you can go for any type of degree in the country.

Both the public and private institutes of Poland follow the standard procedures set by Bologna study protocols. So, the degree you earn when you study in Poland will be recognized internationally. It will increase the value of your study and make it worth to study in Poland.

Session And Semesters

In most cases, stationary studies are held on weekdays, which are full-time programs. At the weekend, students can take part in different cultural programs during the program.

The academic year in the country generally begins in October and terminates in the mid of June. There are usually two semesters: Summer and Winter. Each semester has a duration of four to five months. A student will have to surpass a minimum grade score in each class to pass the semester.

In the examination period, while you study in Poland, you would need to get credit through passing an exam or showing your participation in extracurricular activities and essay writing.

Applying For Programs

Students not belonging to the European Union countries can apply for a student visa in Poland. Before applying for any BA program, you must have finished secondary school in your origin country, which is called as the Matriculation certificate in the country. Your degree is either based on an international agreement or equivalent to a Polish one.

Student Accommodation

Most usually, universities in Poland offer student accommodation to its enrolled students. The quality and expenditure are variables depending on the location and the university. The average price for a shared room if 65 to 80 USD per month, and it jumps to double (110 to 170 USD) for a single room.

It is highly necessary to note that the dorm rates might vary significantly even within a single university depending on different factors, so ample research is needed before making an important decision.

Final Verdict

Polish universities are quite the catch given the quality of studies and the international recognition of the degrees offered in the country. And not to forget the affordability when it comes to tuition fees, student accommodation, and transportation that play an integral role in making the decision.

With some research, you can find relevant programs suited to your degree in the best capacity if you wish to study in Europe. So, pack your bags to Study in Poland for 2020.


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