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Study In Poland: Fees And Living Costs For International Students

The education facilities are incredibly affordable for international students who want to study in Poland. Given the high quality education system in correspondence to the Bologna study standards, it is one of the best countries with the best universities to study in Europe.

The Reasons?

  • If you belong to an EU or EEA country, then your education in Poland is free. However, you must compete with the nationals to earn a spot in the university you are applying for.
  • If you are not from a European Union country, you will have to pay a certain tuition fee. However, the total tuition cost is considerably lower than the costs in other European countries.

The details for average costs Study in Poland 2020 are:

  • 2230 USD annually for the long cycles, first, and second-year studies
  • 3350 USD annually for post-doctoral and doctorate level programs including medical internships, scientific, post-doctoral, and art internships at post-graduate level
  • 3350 USD annually for apprenticeship and vocation courses
  • 2230 USD annually for Polish language course annual preparation for Polish language courses

Student Accommodation In Poland Universities

  • The costs and quality might show variation depending on the location and university. However, the average payment to be made monthly for a shared room is around 65 USD, while the payment for a single bedroom is about 110 USD on average.
  • The prices for dorm rooms are variable even within the vicinity of the university and calls for more research before deciding to get in a place. The overall atmosphere is friendly for international students as well, so it doesn’t take much time to adjust with the other students if you decide to study in Poland.
  • You can also rent a private apartment for yourself, or a room, depending on your need and total budget that you can expend on your living while residing in the country. It is quite a common trend to rent a separate apartment in Poland if you are an international student there and looking for somewhere nice to live.
  • Many of the students also share the apartments and split the rent. The total price varies according to the proximity to the city’s central areas and the size of the apartment.
  • It is an important factor to note that the fare for a single-room apartment in the country is relatively high. That is the reason why most students decide to share one large apartment and pay in half.
  • The average monthly rents for different cities in Poland, including Bydgoszcz, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Warsaw, range from a minimum of 1100 PLN to as high as 5000 PLN per month.

With more standard, the elevation in the price gets considerably high. However, you can save a lot of money on living if you choose to get an apartment located in the suburbs of the city.

Final Verdict

So you see how prices are fairly lower in certain aspects in the country in case of living there, and the education cost is also notably affordable in almost all institutes in the country.

More and more students from around the globe are preferring Poland as it is also safe and welcoming in terms of both culture and visa policies as compared to other countries in Europe.

So, if you want to study abroad, Poland is a wonderful option because the study in Poland for international students is comfortable and recommended for all the right reasons.


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